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You’re the skipper!

Once you confirm membership with Daily you will be invited to our sea trial experience. Show your skills and become certified by Daily. Each membership has one nominated skipper, this person must be in charge of the vessel at all times.

Daily does!

Our parent company Yachtshare has decades of experience in the maintenance of boats.

Our vessels are fully maintained so you don’t have to lift a single spanner.

In the water at Westhaven and Pine Harbour marinas.

Situated in downtown Auckland, Westhaven is NZ’s premier marina facility with easy access from the city centre.

Located in Beachlands, Pine Harbour is the gateway to Waiheke.

No need to launch the boats, just step on at the marina berth and off you go!

Do you wish that Daily was available in a different location? Let us know, and if there’s enough interest we’ll look to make it happen!

Your membership fee is your only cost except for fuel usage. 

We have selected Buccaneer 635 HT’s as our fleet boats.

We will have further boating options arriving soon, catering to those who are looking for larger volume options.

Love the idea, but would prefer a larger vessel? Check out our parent company Yachtshare, they have a fleet of yachts ranging from 32ft to 52ft, monohulls and catamarans.

Whether you’re looking for family leisure cruising, fast tactical fun or social experience platforms, we are likely to have just the right solution.

You do not need any formal qualifications, but you must have some capabilities. The skipper for each membership will be assessed by Daily during a 2 hour sea trial session.

If you require further training, we are able to arrange this for you through our sister company Yacht Training.

The Boats

Our Buccaneer 635s are surveyed to a maximum passenger limit of 7.

All vessels are certified under the Marine Operators Safety System as directed by Maritime NZ and have their limits of usage defined by the vessel survey certificate.

The limits for the vessels are extensive and include parts of Great Barrier! 

Get in touch for more detailed information

As the vessels are being used on a reasonably continuous basis, please ensure that the vessel is left how you found it. An exterior wash down with the water hose, remove rubbish, ensure the head is clean and all equipment stowed. Top up the fuel tank with petrol.

Ownership is solely that of Daily or it’s parent company YachtShare. Flexibility is once again the key, with members being able to opt out of the scheme after one year….. no share to sell, no boat to sell.

Daily by YachtShare is certified by Maritime NZ.

MOSS is a quality and safety management program for commercial marine vessels. Supervised by the governments Maritime NZ.

The MOSS program is managed at local level by YachtShare and our accredited marine surveyors who complete intensive inspections of our vessels on a regular basis and direct YachtShare to maintain a high level of vessel maintenance and safety equipment.

Having the Daily by YachtShare vessels in MOSS gives our members confidence in our vessels and their personal safety on the water.

With a Daily membership, you have access to all of the Buccaneers 635s in your chosen location.

If you desire a combination of vessel types, we can tailor packages across the Daily and YachtShare vessels to suit.

For safety reasons, the vessels can only be operated from 1/2 hour prior to sunrise through to 1/2 hour after sunset.


We have 3 different membership options

  • Week Day
  • Any Day
  • Multi Day

Along with some optional add ons

Our minimum contract period is 12 months. At the conclusion of your first 12 months, your membership will continue on a monthly basis until you choose to cancel. Cancellations require a 3 month notice period.

Flexibility is the key which makes Daily an easy option to enjoy the gulf.

You pay by installments on a weekly, monthly or annual credit card subscription,  ‘Pay for your boating as you go!’.

Yes it may be – depending on your circumstances and if you use the vessel for legitimate business purposes such as entertaining clients, team building or use by the Directors or Shareholders.

With an additional skipper add on, this is an option. Contact us for additional detail about this.


We have an online booking system allowing members to book just minutes before departure if required, but also plan future holidays with ease.

Each booking is one full day, from midnight to midnight. However, please note that the boats can only be operated between half an hour prior to sunrise and half an hour after sunset.

Under the Week Day and Any Day membership packages, you can have one forward booking (booked for further than 7 days in the future) and one short notice booking (booked within 48 hours of the booking) at any one time.

With our Multi Day membership, you can have 2 forward bookings and one short notice, allowing for overnight trips and more boat usage.

You get an unlimited number of days on the water!

The only restriction is around the number of bookings you can have at any one time, to ensure everyone gets regular usage.

The Daily booking system is 24 hour 7 day a week internet calendar based and is designed for hassle free access to the fleet. Of course there are ground-rules to ensure that each member gets a fair share of time on the water. Bookings are on a first in first served basis whilst providing flexibility and equal opportunity for all members.